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We promise to engage your audience, offer relatable topic information, and provide realistic strategies, practical solutions, and stories that encourage innovation and improvement.

We are able to deliver a memorable message to your group and can confidently address a number of different topics such as talent management, strategic planning, effective meetings, and leadership development. We’re here to deliver the message that your group needs to hear the most and we’re able to customize our delivery to best suit your needs.

Gayle Ver Hey, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

“Through the PI talent assessment and Gayle’s training we are seeing the evidence behind what we are experiencing in employee performance. ” from a first-time and now long-time customer of VOLT.

“It was beyond refreshing to be talking with a partner on the outside who knows us so well.​” is one of many great ways Gayle’s clients describe her partnership.

Gayle leads strategic planning and talent strategies with management teams, first as the Sr VP of Operations in a Regional Workers Compensation company and then over the last 8 years with VOLT, working with a variety of businesses to help them in their journey towards business success. Prior to starting VOLT, Gayle held executive leadership roles in family-owned and publicly traded companies in human resources and strategic operations. She gained business experience in operations, IT , Safety and HR roles, including HR and Risk Assessments. She taps into her experience from a variety of industries to inspire and guide businesses toward their vision of results and impact.

Embracing the challenges of building cooperative leadership teams, she combines her expertise in workforce analytics, operational processes and facilitation skills with her passion for helping businesses develop clear strategies, enhance leadership competencies and effective communication plans. Gayle's involvement is a catalyst for improved business results.

Lt Col Kyle Korver, USAF, Retired - CEO, MWI Health

"Kyle is a visionary and transformational leader." Quote from military performance report.

With over twenty-one years as an Air Force officer, Kyle quickly learned how to navigate a variety of leadership challenges, motivating airman and civilian employees to thrive in stressful situations while improving organizational cultures. He was recognized for his transformational leadership style and inspirational speeches to airman of all ranks.

Retiring from the military in 2018, he moved his family back to the area and is now the CEO of MWI Health, a team of mental health providers based out of Sioux Falls, SD. Kyle's passion is creating a winning culture through leadership development, organizational transformation, transparency through effective communication, and accountability. His focus is impacting business growth through defined goals, creating operational effectiveness, and improving the lives of his team members and clients.

Rana DeBoer

“Rana is one of the most visionary people I have ever collaborated with. She is a ‘people-first’ leader who has the unique ability to capture the big picture of an organization’s needs.” Testimonial from long-time learning and development vendor and business partner with Rana.

Rana is a dynamic and accomplished transformation executive bringing 25+ years of experience in strategic planning and design, culture definition and execution, leadership and organizational development, and human performance. Throughout her career, Rana has spearheaded strategic planning and complex projects, budget optimization and strategic workforce goals. She is skilled at cultivating partnerships and collaboration through all levels of employees as well as sectors in the community to facilitate effective analysis and articulation of human needs and skills gaps to enhance culture and improve quality of life. Rana also excels at leading strategies that build inclusive teams and capitalize on diversity to enhance performance. She has been recognized for proactively engineering innovative solutions and continually seeking to improve the status quo.

A variety of organizations have benefited from Rana’s skills including business, government, nonprofit, and health care. She is a long-time community leader who served as Chief Culture Officer for the City of Sioux Falls (15 years) and continues to serve as Founder and Chief Well-Being Officer in her own business, Create Energy (7 years). Her community service includes years of experience in community health needs assessments and economic development planning processes. Rana is well known as an inspiring public speaker and coach focused on an encouraging “can-do, time is now, take action” message. She also serves as a board member of the South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity (East), South Dakota Safety Council, and Pathways to Inclusive and Equitable Workplace. In addition, is an active member of the Live Well Sioux Falls Coalition and instructor and mentor with the EMBE Women’s Leadership program.

Anne Rieck McFarland

“Inspirational, motivating, transparent, a great communicator and a visionary… all while treating people with the utmost respect.” Comment from a strategic colleague of Anne’s.

“Innovative. Inspiring. Inquisitive. Inclusive.” These are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Anne in being a long-time leader and advocate for people with disabilities.

With over 30 years of senior leadership service in the non-profit sector, Anne has direct experience working with boards of directors, developing and implementing strategy, leading teams, developing people and creating a strong culture built on trust and mutual respect. She also led teams through mergers and acquisitions and led effectively through challenging times. The pinnacle in her own career was ultimately merging and being asked to lead a $60 million statewide non-profit organization that served over 3500 clients and employed 1200 staff.

Anne has spent the past 3 years working as a consultant with her focus being on: organizational assessment, crisis management, CEO transition, strategic plan facilitation and execution, team development, building strong board and staff cultures, board training and executive coaching.

Her volunteer work includes a broad range of services on multiple non-profit and community boards.

In 2018 she was honored to be inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame for her leadership and contributions to the field of Human Services.

Topic List

Talent Management

  • The Misunderstood Millennials – Use Data to Understand, Recruit and Retain
  • Tackling the Talent Shortage with Behavioral Assessment Data
  • Building a High Impact Health Care Organization with Talent Analytics – A Case Study
  • 6 Steps to Implement a Talent-Focused Workforce Plan

Strategic Planning

  • Get the Business Results You Want
  • Keep Your Strategic Plan Alive: Integrate Into Your Operations
  • Avoid Pink Elephants: Best Practices for Solving Issues   

Effective Meetings

  • Meeting to Meet or Meeting for Results?
  • Develop Your Meeting Facilitation Skills for an Effective Results-Orientated Meeting
  • Improve Meeting Participation & Business Results – Tips and Tools to Coach Your Staff

Leadership Development

  • Leaders are More Effective When They Learn to Be a Follower First
  • Get Your Ego Out of the Way So We Can Accomplish the Mission – Selfless Leadership
  • 3 Steps to Creating a Winning Culture That Will Change Everything
  • Putting People in a Place That They Can Thrive
  • Who’s the Expert Here? Why Leaders Need to Listen More

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