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Improve your Organizational Culture with PI

Why do employees clock in and then check out? What if your organizational culture was built on employee engagement and job satisfaction? With Predictive Index, our surveys give you data plus a personalized action plan.

Change the way you optimize talent.

People are a company’s biggest expense, but if you’re making an investment in choosing the right individual, are you also aware that they are your most important asset? Utilizing Predictive Index Software, assessments and resources, along with an experienced PI Certified Partner, can be the biggest differentiator for leadership success in your organization. We specialize in connecting people strategy with business strategy, improving employee performance and productivity, and hiring the right people. With an office in Sioux Falls, SD, we are there to support your leadership team along the way, and are able to offer a high level of expertise when there are questions.

Strategy, People, Process

VOLT is here to help you improve productivity & achieve your growth goals.

Choose the right PI certified consultant to guide your organization’s change management process. VOLT works with numerous clients throughout South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska, and has current availability to serve new clients. Contact Gayle now for more information about Predictive Index.

Change Management: The process, tools, and techniques to prepare, equip, and support people to drive organizational success and achieve business outcomes.

We give you all the tools to optimize your greatest asset and investment, your employees.

Predictive Index Tools
Tools to Manage Your Talent

Our data-driven talent management solutions are instrumental in helping you solve your workforce and talent management challenges. With a wide range of real world business experience and expertise in using workforce analytics, we help businesses attract top talent, reduce turnover, develop winning teams, and increase employee engagement. We are able to help businesses hire the right people, then train, engage, develop team members to maximize individual strengths and talents, and align them to its strategic plan for improved business results.

We help you optimize business performance by leveraging data and insights in four key areas:

Transform your company by building on a great business strategy.

Predictive Index

What can PI do for you?

Predictive Index consists of one platform with endless benefits, offering results based on science to transform your HR and leadership teams in all aspects of hiring, management, talent strategy, and employee engagement.

Hire good fits for your company, unlock the power of your people, and supercharge your workforce with Predictive Index.

What is the vision of The Predictive Index? Watch the short video below for more information.

But don't take our word for it, our clients are happy to share how satisfied they are.

Predictive index has been a game-changer for Woltman Group. Thank you for all you’ve done in that regard.
Woltman Group logo
Eric DeHaan, CPA
Woltman Group
The EMBE Exec Committee is so grateful for your leadership. You are making the CEO selection process manageable for us! Thanks for leading the EmBe board through this process. I have such respect and admiration for you. You are great at what you do.
EmBe Logo
Anne McFarland, CEO
EmBe Executive Committee
Through the PI assessment we were seeing the evidence behind what we are experiencing in employee performance.
Great Plains Zoo logo
Patty Kase
Great Plains Zoo
Thanks, Gayle – I have found this program to be very insightful and a valuable management tool. We look forward to doing more “stuff” to develop our people.
PI Client
Kurt Loudenback, CEO
Grand Prairie Foods
It was beyond refreshing to be talking with a partner on the outside who knows us so well.​
PI Client
Amber Dahl
Anza, Inc.

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