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Business Strategy

Clear Strategy. Improved Results.

We are passionate about connecting the business plan to people and process. The biggest impact is made when employees are engaged and aligned to the business plan. The key is to engage them through communication and support them with effective business processes.

Strategy, People, Process

Here's how we drive business results:

Volt strengthens organizations by building cooperative leadership teams and aligning employee strengths and talents through comprehensive strategic business planning. We work with your business to clarify your strategies, identify problems, and develop sound action plans that have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Clarify. Simplify. Achieve your vision.

Traction in Action


Working with an an experienced strategic planning facilitator can be the springboard any organization needs to get everyone on the same page and advancing as a cohesive team. Clarify your vision by scheduling a meeting with Volt for an overview of our processes, where we help you and your leadership team determine which time-tested methods and principles would work best to get what they want from their businesses.

Business Processes

Gayle Ver Hey has extensive real world experience as an Operations Executive, which uniquely poises her to guide others through strategic planning, HR risk assessments, HR processes, and effective meeting management. Gayle also holds an SHRM Certification.

PI Team Building

Talent Optimization

As a Predictive Index Certified Consultant, Gayle Ver Hey is centrally located in Sioux Falls, SD, and works directly with a wide region of clients in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. Using PI's science-based system, Volt helps a variety of businesses get the right people in the right seats by transforming the hiring process, developing managers, and increasing performance & engagement of your team. We focus on manager development to improve individual and team performance by using PI to understand what drives behavior.

Driving Business Results with Real World Business Experience

PI Predictive Index EOS Traction

Gayle Ver Hey | Predictive Index Certified

Gayle leads strategic planning and talent strategies with management teams, first as the Sr VP of Operations in a Regional Workers Compensation company and then over the last 6 years with VOLT, working with a variety of businesses to help them in their journey. Gayle was a Predictive Index client for almost 20 years before becoming a Predictive Index Certified Partner. Prior to starting VOLT, Gayle held executive leadership roles in family-owned and publicly traded companies in human resources and operations. She gained business experience in operations and HR roles, including HR systems, Risk Assessment, and processes, and taps into her expertise to inspire and guide businesses from a variety of industries.

Facilitating small businesses and entrepreneurs to get everyone on the same page and advancing as a cohesive team

Gayle Ver Hey is an experienced facilitator with years of experience building cooperative leadership teams.


Equipping businesses with an intuitive, affordable HR cloud-based software system that focuses on people, not processes

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Predictive Index

The Predictive Index assessments and training builds cooperative leadership teams and aligns employee strengths and talents

Gayle Ver Hey is a local PI Certified Partner, conveniently located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.